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VolksMeter II




Configuration: 1 or 2 horizontal channels, pendulum with Symmetric Differential Capacitive sensors

Outputs, Acceleration/Tilt/Time stamp Data
               Direct digital connection (RS232-C or USB) to support computer

Sensitivity, Acceleration: 1 part in 16.7 million across a range of 0.0034g

Sensitivity, Tilt: 1 part in 16.7 million across a range of 3.55mRad (2)

Dynamic Range: >140dB

Bandwidth: ~40Hz to DC Natural frequency, f0: 0.92Hz

Note: Sensitivity (resolution) is inversely proportional to sample rate. For 40Hz max., a sample rate of 80 samples per second is required. At this sample rate, only 15 bits (1 part in 32,000) resolution is available due to noise considerations, for full 23-bit + sign resolution (1 part in 16.7million) the sample rate must be limited to 10 samples per second or less. At a 10 s/sec rate, the maximum frequency is 5Hz

Linearity: Due to the nature of the sensor and the limited travel of the moving plate, the output is inherently linear across the range of motion.


Power Requirements: 9-24VDC Note: Current draw is a function of supply voltage and the presence or absence of the GPS option

Supply Voltage

Current Draw

   Without GPS Option With GPS Option
9 VDC 45mA 90mA
12 33mA 68mA
15 30mA 54mA
20 22mA 44mA
24 20mA 38mA

A 110VAC input, 15VDC/500mA output, power supply is included with the VolksMeter. The user-supplied support computer will have power requirements of its own.  A "Universal" (110-240VAC) AC input power supply is available as an option:  VMII-UACA.

Environmental Characteristics

Operating Temperature: +5C to +55C (41F to 131F) non-condensing.

Storage Temperature: -40C to +85C (-40F to 185F) non condensing

Physical Characteristics
          Size: 10.75W x 10.75D x 19.5H
          Net Weight: 23 lbs (2-channel version)
Shipping Weight: ~30 lbs (including GPS)
          Shipping Size:  19"W x 26"L x 16"H

Included with standard models:
VolksMeter II instrument
          WinSDR / WinQuake software on CD-ROM
          110VAC Power Supply
          Installation Tools
          RS232-C or USB cable
          Users Manual



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