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VolksMeter II



User's Manual Index

The complete VolksMeter II User's Manual is available for download here, in .pdf format.

The document has been divided into sections to make individual downloads more manageable.  In order to get the entire manual, you must download each of the sections. 

VolksMeter II User's Manual sections:

VolksMeter II User's Manual - Title Page

Chapter 0 describes the contents of the manual and contains other important information

  • Chapter 0a  Title Page, Revision History, Table Of Contents (3 pages)

  • Chapter 0b  Scope, Acknowledgements, Disclaimers/Warnings/Notices (3 pages)

Chapter 1 is an expanded version of the Product Description

Chapter 2 describes unpacking, mechanical setup and initial software setup

  • Chapter 2a  Installation, Pages 2-1 to 2-9 (9 pages)
  • Chapter 2b  Installation, Pages 2-10 to 2-17 (8 pages)
  • Chapter 2c  Installation, Pages 2-18 to 2-22 (5 pages)

Chapter 3 describes the use of the WinSDR software for instrument control and data acquisition, display and storage

  • Chapter 3a  Software Setup For Operation, Pages 3-1 to 3-7 (7 pages)
  • Chapter 3b  Software Setup For Operation, Pages 3-8 to 3-14 (7 pages)
  • Chapter 3c  Software Setup For Operation, Pages 3-15 to 3-23 (9 pages)
  • Chapter 3d  Software Setup For Operation, Pages 3-24 to 3-30 (7 pages)

Chapter 4 describes the usage of the WinQuake software for seismic data analysis

  • Chapter 4    Using the Volksmeter (21 pages, landscape format)

Appendix 1 discusses general seismometer theory and the specific operation of the VolksMeter II sensor.

  • Appendix 1  Theory Of Operation  (25 pages, landscape format)

Appendix 2 is a list of hardcopy and on-line references for further study and information sharing


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